Online Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an essential tool that has to be integrated into any website design. It provides huge possibilities that could result in a considerable rise of traffic, sales and brand recognition. SEO is fundamental for the growth of your business.

Our SEO approach will make sure your business is found naturally on Google searches without paid ads.

SEO is a long-term process that is based on complex mathematical algorithms and technical know-how. Small businesses are competing with big companies and achieving a top Google ranking can only be possible with the help of an SEO expert.

We optimise your brand online through the use of keywords, content and links to create an optimal experience for clients and search engines.


Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into Google search. These are the keywords that you want associated with your website or page. We provide in-depth keyword research to ensure we are targeting keywords that are popular, relevant to your business, product or service with strong buyer intent.
off-page seo


Internal links between pages are normally used to improve navigation within your website. We perform our proven On-Page SEO checklist on every page, designed to bring in more search engine traffic from every piece of content that you publish.

External links can be used to build your site’s authority on the web. Your website needs to be linked to other authority quality sites to improve rankings and traffic. All links must be genuine and from relevant sites. We can identify link building opportunities through thorough competitor analysis and various techniques, to help you build healthy connections for your business.


The content on your website needs to be informative, relevant, and of the highest quality. That's why a lot of effort is given to the right words. It's proven that customers decrease their trust in your business when the information in the marketing material is not well curated. Content should also include images that are relevant to the written content and to your business, so visitors can be more engaged and their stay converts on a sale.


We provide you with monthly reports which include:

  • an analysis of WordPress plug-ins and theme updates performed during the month
  • state of backups on the website and when was the most recent one
  • analytics on page views
  • competitors found during the period
  • tracking of your contracted keywords and your position on Google on each of them
  • recommendations to improve SEO rankings

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